New resources

Addiction Medicine for Health Care Professionals
Robert D. Lovinger 2019
616.86 LOVI JH     4 week loan

Adult Physical Conditions: intervention strategies for occupational therapy assistants. First edition
Amy J Mahie, Amber L Ward 2019
616.7062 MAHI TAREE-MANNING      4 week loan

Anesthesia Secrets. Sixth edition
Brian M. Keech, Ryan D. Laterza (editors) 2020
617.960076 KEEC 2020 JH       1 week loan

Black's Medical Dictionary. Forty-third edition
Harvey Marcovitch 2017
610.3 BLAC 2017 JH /TAMWORTH                   Reference

Clinical Anesthesia. Eighth edition
Paul G. Barash, Bruce F. Cullen, et al (editors) 2017
617.96 BARA 2017 JH                         4 week loan

Clinical Guide to Gastroenterology
Yang Chen, Maxton Pitcher 2020
616.33 CHEN JH                   4 week loan

Current Diagnosis and Treatment: Neurology.  Third edition
John Brust (ed.) 2019
616.8 CURR 2019 MATER                        4 x week loan

Current Diagnosis & Treatment: Surgery. Fifteenth edition
Gerard M. Doherty (editor) 2020
617 DOHE 2020 JH / TAMWORTH              4 week loan

Delirium: acute brain dysfunction in the critically ill
Christopher G. Hughes, Pratik P. Pandharipande, E. Wesley Ely (editors) 2020
616.8 HUGH 2020 TAMWORTH       4 week loan

Dementia with Dignity: living well with Alzheimer's or dementia using the DAWN Method
Judy Cornish 2019
616.83 CORN JH       4 week loan

Demystifying Drug dosing in Renal Dysfunction
Branden D. Nemecek, Drayton A. Hammond (editors) 2019
616.61061 NEME 2019 TAMWORTH         4 week loan

Drain's Perianesthesia Nursing: a critical care approach. Seventh edition
Jan Odom-Forren 2018
617.960231 DRAI 2018 JH     4 week loan

Fleisher & Ludwig's 5-minute Pediatric Emergency Medicine Consult. Second edition
Robert J. Hoffman, Vincent J. Wang (chief editors) 2020
618.920025 FLEI 2020 JH                 4 week loan

Food, Nutrition and Health. Second edition
Linda Tapsell 2019
613.2 FOOD 2019 MATER        week loan

Fractures in the Elderly: a guide to practical management. Second edition
Robert J. Pignolo, Jaimo Ahn (editors) 2018
617.15 PIGN 2018 JH     4 week loan

Gray's Anatomy for Students. Fourth edition
Richard L. Drake, A. Wayne Vogl, Adam W.M. Mitchell 2020
611 GRAY 2020 TAMWORTH       4 week loan

Group Dynamics in Occupational Therapy: the theoretical basis and practice application of group intervention
Marilyn B Coles 2018     Fifth edition
616.89165 COLE 2018 JH                      4 week loan

Handbook of Local Anesthesia. Seventh edition
Stanley F. Malamed 2020
617.9676 MALA 2020 JH    4 week loan

High-Risk Pregnancy: management options. Fifth edition
David James 2017   
618.3 JAME 2017 JH   2 volumes              4 week loan

Infectious Diseases: a clinical short course. Fourth edition
Frederick S. Southwick 2020
616.9 SOUT 2020 JH    4 week loan

Leader you want to be: five essential principles for bringing out your best self--every day
Amy Jen Su 2019
658.4092 SU 2019 TAMWORTH          4 week loan

Leg Ulcers: diagnosis and management
S. Sacchidanand, Eswari L., Shilpa, K. (editors) 2020
616.545 SACC JH / TAMWORTH / TAREE-MANNING       4 week loan

LeMone and Burke’s Medical-Surgical Nursing: critical thinking for person-centred care  . Fourth edition     
Bauldoff et al. 2020
610.73 LEMO 2020 MATER    3 volumes      4 x week loan

Making sense of change management: a complete guide to the models, tools and techniques of organizational change
Esther Cameron and Mike Green 2020     Fifth edition
658.406 CAME 2020 TAMWORTH      4 week loan

Modern Infectious Disease Epidemiology. Third edition
Johan Giesecke 2017
614.4 GIES 2017 JH       4 week loan

Netter's Surgical Anatomy and Approaches
Conor P. Delaney 2014
612.0078 NETT 2014 JH     4 week loan

Nurse Anesthesia. Sixth edition
John J. Nagelhout, Sass Elisha 2018
617.960231 NAGE 2018 JH       4 week loan

Oxford Desk Reference: Critical Care. Second edition
Carl Waldmann, Andrew Rhodes, et al (editors) 2019
616.028 WALD 2019 JH                        4 week loan

Oxidative Stress and Inflammatory Mechanisms in Obesity, Diabetes and the Metabolic Syndrome
Helmut Sies 2019
616.7062 OXID TAREE-MANNING     4 week loan

Portfolios for Nursing, Midwifery and other Health Professions. Fourth edition
Lynette Cusack and Morgan Smith 2020
610.73069 CUSA 2020 JH / TAMWORTH           1 week & 4 week loan

Professional Guide to Pathophysiology. Fourth edition
Laura M. Willis (clinical editor) 2020
616.07 WILL 2020 JH      4 week loan

Rewire your Anxious Brain: how to use the neuroscience of fear to end anxiety, panic, and worry
Catherine M. Pittman and Elizabeth M. Karle 2015
616.852205 PITT 2015 TAMWORTH       4 week loan

Rural, Regional and Remote Social Work: practice research from Australia
Amanda Howard, Meaghan Katrak, et al  2019
361.320994 HOWA 2019 JH / TAREE-MANNING        4 week loan

Stuck for Words: what to say to someone who is grieving. New edition
Doris Zagdanski 2017
152.4 ZAGD 2017 JH     4 week loan

Surgery: Pre-test self-assessment and review. Fourteenth edition
Lillian S Kao, Tammy Lee 2020
617.0076 KAO 2020 MATER       4 week loan

Taking Action against Clinician Burnout: a systems approach to professional well-being
National Academy of Medicine (U.S.). Committee on Systems Approaches to Improve Patient Care by
Supporting Clinician Well-Being 2019
610.69 NATI 2019 TAMWORTH       4 week loan

Treatment of Bipolar Disorder: integrative clinical strategies & future directions
Andre F Carvalho, Eduard Vieta 2017
616.89506 CARV JH        4 week loan

Washington Manual of Surgical Pathology. Third edition
John D. Pfeifer, Peter A Humphrey, et al 2020
617.07 PFEI 2020 JH       4 week loan

Wheater's Pathology : a text, atlas and review of histopathology. Sixth edition
Geraldine O'Dowd, Sarah Bell, Sylvia Wright 2020
611.018 WHEA 2020 JH       4 week loan


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