New resources

Advanced Alternative Medicine for Arthritis, Chronic Pain and Injuries
Daniel Nuchovich 2020
616.0472 NUCH JH / TAMWORTH        4 week loan

ARFID Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder: a guide for parents and carers
Rachel Bryant-Waugh 2020
616.8526 BRYA JH                4 week loan

Brown’s Atlas of Regional Anesthesia. Sixth edition
Ehab Farac, Loran Mounir-Soliman 2021
617.9640223 BROW 2021 JH    4 week loan

Cambridge Handbook of Research Methods in Clinical Psychology
Aidan G.C. Wright, Michael N. Hallquist (editors) 2020
150.72 CAMB 2020 MATER      4 week loan

Can you Die from a Broken Heart?: a heart surgeon's insight into what makes us tick
Dr Nikki Stamp 2018
616.1 STAM 2018 ARMIDALE    4 week loan

Cleveland Clinic Illustrated Tips and Tricks in Colon and Rectal Surgery
Scott R. Steele (editor) 2021
617.5547 STEE 2021 TAMWORTH          4 week loan

Clinical Reasoning: learning to think like a nurse. Second edition
Tracy Levett-Jones 2018
610.730699 LEVE 2018 TAREE-MANNING    4 week loan

Communication and Care Coordination for the Palliative Care Team: a handbook for building and maintaining optimal teams 2021
Rebecca S. Imes, Leah M. Omilion-Hodges, Jennifer D.B. Hester
616.029 IMES 2021 TAMWORTH / MATER 4 week loan

Cooper's fundamentals of hand therapy: clinical reasoning and treatment guidelines for common diagnoses of the upper extremity. Third edition
Christine M. Wietlisbach 2020
617.57062 COOP 2020 JH          4 week loan

Critical Conversations for Patient Safety: an essential guide for healthcare students. Second edition
Tracy Levett-Jones 2019
610.696 LEVE 2020 TAREE-MANNING   4 week loan

CSA Revision Notes for the MRCGP. Fourth edition
Jennifer Stannett, Sarah Osmond 2020
616.0076 STAN 2020 TAMWORTH    4 week loan

Emotion-focused Family Therapy: a transdiagnostic model for caregiver-focused interventions
Adele Lafrance, Katherine A Henderson et al 2020
616.89156 LAFR TAREE-MANNING          4 week loan

Handbook of perinatal and neonatal palliative care: a guide for nurses, physicians, and other health professionals
Rana Limbo, Charlotte Wool, Brian S. Carter (editors) 2020
618.920029 LIMB JH         4 week loan

Human Resource Management: strategy and practice. Tenth Asia-Paciffic edition
Alan Nankervis, Marian Baird, Jane Coffey, John Shields 2020
658.3 NANK 2020 TAMWORTH        4 week loan

Immunology. Ninth edition
Male, David   Stokes Peebles, R. and Male, V
616.079 MALE 2021 JH / TAREE-MANNING   4 week loan

Introduction to Basic Cardiac Dysrhythmias. Fifth edition
Atwood, Sandra Stanton, Cheryl and Storey-Davenport, Jenny  2019
616.128 ATWO JH / TAMWORTH   4 week loan

Introduction to Computers for Health Care Professionals. Seventh edition
Irene Joos, Debra Wolf, Ramona Nelson 2021
610.285 JOOS 2021 TAMWORTH      4 week loan

Krause's and Mahan's Food & the Nutrition Care Process. Fifteenth edition
Janice L. Raymond, Kelly Morrow 2021
615.854 KRAU 2021 ARMIDALE        4 week loan

Let's Talk Vaccines: a clinician's guide to addressing vaccine hesitancy and saving lives
Gretchen LaSalle 2020
615.372 LASA 2020 TAMWORTH    4 week loan

Management. Seventh Asia-Pacific edition
John R. Schermerhorn, Paul Davidson, Peter Woods, et al 2020
658 SCHE 2020 TAMWORTH       4 week loan

Motivational interviewing for health care professionals: a sensible approach
Bruce A Berger, William A Villaume 2019   
616.891 BERG TAREE-MANNING    4 week loan

MRI from Picture to Proton. Third edition
Donald McRobbie 2017
616.07548 MCRO 2017 TAREE-MANNING     4 week loan

Multiple Choice Questions in Regional Anaesthesia. Second edition
Gupta, Rajesh and Patel, Dilip   2020
617.964076 GUPT JH   4 week loan 

Myles Textbook for Midwives. Seventeenth edition
Jayne Marshall, Maureen Raynor 2020
618.2 MYLE 2020 ARMIDALE / JH       4 week loan

Neale's Disorders of the Foot and Ankle. Ninth edition
Gordon Burrow, Keith Rome, Nat Padhiar (editors) 2020
617.585 NEAL 2020 TAMWORTH    4 week loan

Oxford Handbook of Rehabilitation Medicine. Third edition
Manoj Sivan, Margaret Phillips, Ian Baguley, Melissa Nott 2019
617.03 SIVA 2019 JH / TAMWORTH        4 week loan

Pediatric Critical Care: current controversies 
Mastropietro, Christopher W. and Valentine, Kevin M. 2019
618.920028 MAST JH    4 week loan

Pediatric Neurosurgery
Selden, Nathan R. and Baird, Lissa C.  (eds)  2019
617.480083 SELD JH     4 week loan

Project Management for Healthcare. Second edition
David Shirley 2020
362.1068 SHIR 2020 TAMWORTH    4 week loan

Psychiatry Morning Report: beyond the pearls
Tammy Duong, Rebecca L. Tamas, Peter Ureste (editors) 2021
616.890076 DUON 2021 TAMWORTH     4 week loan

Psychiatry Test Preparation and Review Manual. Fourth edition
J. Clive Spiegel, John M. Kenny 2020
616.890076 SPIE 2021 TAMWORTH         4 week loan

Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease. Tenth edition
Vinay Kumar, Abul Abbas & Jon Aster 2021
616.07 ROBB 2021 ARMIDALE / JH            1 & 4 week loan

Volpe's Neurology of the Newborn. Sixth edition
Volpe, Joseph J. et al     2018
618.9201 VOLP 2018 JH   4 week loan


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